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 Cyclops7 #1

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PostSubject: Cyclops7 #1   Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:58 pm

What is your username:
Hey all! I go by the name Cyclops7! I hope to give my best effort on this application! Smile

Link all Pb2 accounts
Just this one:

Past Clans(alternate accounts included):
YrN (Young rich Nation)

Why did you leave them?
Unfortunately, even the best clans have to fall. I was in the risk of my account being terminated, as rumors go about of a hacker threatening our discord. It was a bitter task, but I had to stay out of contact with YrN, therefore leaving it. I would never forget my adventures with my past clan members.

Location/Timezone: Eastern Time, United States: New York, New York

How did you hear about us:
My good friend Gott Bry and many others encouraged me to join this clan, as they believed I could have a positive impact among EPF. I'm well known for my positivity and social skills, as I have created allies with other clans I've interacted.

Will you be active on the discord chat:
With the upcoming of tournaments, I will try my best to show activity daily, as I want to show the PB2 community of the significance this clan has.

Why do you want to join EPF?
Through my past experiences with YrN, I've noticed similar aspects between YrN and EPF. What is significant about this clan are the many different ideas each clan member has, and it reminds me how we got along well at YrN. YrN could have been a thriving clan, but we were forced to leave. Now, i'm ready to start over, leaving YrN in the past, but cherishing those great moments I once had in EPF.
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Cyclops7 #1
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