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 Dark Lord#1

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Dark L0rd

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PostSubject: Dark Lord#1   Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:12 pm

What is your username:The Leader of delta force(Now its Dark L0rd>>>>>>>>>&

Link to your Plazma Burst 2 profile:

List all your alternate accounts with links:None

Past Clans(alternate accounts included):SIA,EnForced,GCS,YrN,DARKSIDE(my clan) EAF(my clan)

Why did you leave them? EAF,SIA,Enforced,GCS,DARKSIDE Were dead and i left YrN Cus i was helping a clan.

Location/Timezone:Eastern Time USA

How long are you usually online(e.g 10am-2pm)? 2:30 pm-6pm

Preferred Server:California

Your ping in this server:120-170

How did you hear about us:EPF was allies with EAF(my clan)Also u were particapating in PWL

Will you be active on the discord chat:Yes I will try my best to stay active on discord

Why do you want to join EPF?I want to join EPF because there are respectful Leaders and Members and its a pretty Active clan.

What can you offer to benefit us?By Following the rules and being loyal and nice.

Why do you think we'd accept you? I Might not get accept but i will try my best to make this App Look strong!

Why don't you join a bigger clan than ours? Because i want to help EPF be a Bigger Clan than other bigger clans.

Extra comments:GLORY TO EPF!

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Dark Lord#1
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