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PostSubject: SpiderMon1738 #1   Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:37 am

What is your username:SpiderMon1738

What other games you have?:Minecraft on Ps4

Would you like to play any of our games:No

If so state them:N/A

How did you hear about us?:I Have played on maps with members of this clan several times.

Will you be active on the discord chat:4-7 hours a day

Why do you want to join EPF?:I really like the sense of community and respect coming from the EPF clan. They are cool, calm, and polite. Sometimes they tell some hilarious joke that makes me want to fall off my chair. I've played with quite a lot of EPF players in the past and in the present. Also I want meet some new people and socialize with them. I would like to learn from you EPF clan members and become a better and more skillful player. I would like to be a part of a community in plazmaburst that has skilled mature players and always look out for each other.
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SpiderMon1738 #1
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