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 Guide through the recruitment

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PostSubject: Guide through the recruitment   Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:35 am

Follow this guide in order to successfully pass the recruitment for EPF.

Tips and tricks

-Fill out every question

-No Multiclanning Allowed
-Don't rush. Put some effort in your application

-Don't lie. If you aren't honest, we will most likely not accept you.

-Don't beg for acceptance or something similiar. It might lead to an auto-denial.

-Think about WHY you like to join us and WHAT you can offer us. If you can't come up with anything, just explain it and we'll see how to deal with it.


300 kills on your main account

A KD/r of 1.00 or higher

No history containing bans from PB2, its forums or clans.

Recruitment Process

Once you’ve applied, you have to wait until you recieve an reply underneath your application which tells you whether this member wants you in the clan or if he/she has any questions regarding your app.
The Council and the Clan leaders will have the right to deny/accept an application depending on the circumstances. So if you fail to answer questoins or appear rude, they can isnta-deny and lock your app.

If you’ve been denied, you may apply once again, after two weeks. If you apply WITHIN that cooldown phase, you'll have to wait two MORE weeks.

If You’ve been accepted, follow the instructions given in the reply under your application. You’ll be tested by two council members within one week, or maybe two.

There will be two tests, which go to 20. You need atleast 12 kills in order to pass a test. You can choose one map you like to be tested on, the other is chosen by the tester.

If you've won one test and lost one, the scores will be added and if you have 20 or more kills at all, you will be accepted and given the member role.
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Guide through the recruitment
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